Photography exhibition

The photography exhibition took place from the 24th till the 30th of October 2017, it was hosted by Institut Francais Larissa and supported by Mayoralty of Social Policy of Larissa.

During the whole duration of the exhibition several schools, institutions and general public visited the exhibition and participated in educational activities about human rights. For the activities we used the manuals of the Council of Europe: Bookmarks and Compassito).

Most of the pictures (49 pictures) that were exhibited at the exhibition were taken by kids and teenagers (6-15 years old) that are hosted at the refugee camp in Larissa and Volos (Thessaly, Greece) in collaboration with DRC. Also pictures (4) of the exhibition were taken by kids (5-11 years old) that are participating at the Creative Child Learning centres – Municipality of Larissa. Some of the pictures (17) were taken by professional and amateur young photographers (18-30 years old).



Danish Refugee Council writes for the exhibition: 

One of the children’s favourite activities this year was the the “Human Rights for all” Photo Exhibition, at the French Institute of Larissa (Central Greece) held between 24 and 30 of October. CFS teams joined forces with other organizations and the municipality of Larisa for this exhibition as part of the Hate-Free Larissa program, a 4-month project targeting hate speech, xenophobia, racism and discrimination in the city.

”Hey, look! I took this photo!”, a group of refugee children said in one voice, proudly pointing to different shots. During the summer, 47 children at Koutsochero CFS were given disposable cameras and were introduced to the art of photography.

Developing the films, the DRC team found that children had masterfully captured joyful moments of their childhood along with images of life on the refugee site. One of the 47 photographs was selected by the “Hate free Larissa” project for a prize.

‘Look how much I grew up since I took this photo”, 12 year old Mohamad Badei said pointing to himself in front of his friends.

“This was an amazing experience”, added one of the fathers accompanying the children back from the exhibition.

Restoring refugees and asylum seekers’ daily life, through educational and protection activities is a priority for DRC. Child friendly spaces aim to offer a stable environment for them, providing access to life-saving information, education and recreational activities, while addressing psychosocial needs at the same time.

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